Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Workshop in Shanghai.

Last weekend I taught a workshop in Shanghai. The workshop is sponsored by Kunst.licht Shanghai. We choose only 10 photographers among numerous applications from all over China. The 3-day workshop was very inspirational to me. I also have received many joys of interacting and communicating with Chinese young photographers. Here are the work of all 1o photographers from the workshop. I wish I will have more opportunities to participate such wonderful events in China in the future.

© Pan Xiaochun 潘晓春

©Zhou Yang 周仰

© Zhao Xiaomeng 赵小萌

© Li Lefang 李乐方

© Yu Cong 于聪

© Shun Yanchu 孙彦初

© Shen Mujin 沈木槿

© Li Yuning 李宇宁

© Fei Tian 费天

© Chen Jian 程剑

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Anonymous said...

These images are great. Thanks for sharing them.