Friday, December 14, 2007


0086 (November/December Issue)

My first-time feature in a Chinese publication has hit the newsstand throughout the whole China since last week, which you can imagine the amount of people is reading it by now. The magazine is one of the hippest I've seen from China, it is named one of the best new magazines in 2007. I now totally tasted the new rave of the young China. 0086 is the country code of China as well as the name of the magazine. It is mainly focused on art, photography and fashion, and it is so edge you have to be really cool to understand everything they said. I am so pumped up just looking at the cover of the magazine. Click the images if you can read Chinese and be cool. There will be several more magazine features of my work coming up in January, so stay tuned! And thanks to Jeuce for the fantastic writing!