Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portrait of Youth

Installtion view of Portrait of Youth @ J&Z Gallery

Some portraits from Almost Naked are included in a group show Portrait of Youth at J&Z Gallery in Shenzhen.

The exhibition is curated by Azure Wu from the ArtChina Magazine, other artists in the show are Meng Yangyang, Tseng Yu-Chin and Zhang Ding.

The exhibition will be on view through August 23, 2009.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Nude Orange Juice Drinker

Liao, Shanghai. 2009 © Shen Wei
Orange juice in China is not so much the "national juice" as in America. My generation grew up in China drinking water mix with sugar and a local Cola named Lucky. Even now there are too many choices of juices on the menu, orange seems to be the least popular. Watermelon juice is the orange juice in China, we stick with the national color! This guy who I have been asking for a photo session since January prefers an orange juice over a diet coke in a late afternoon in Shanghai. There is something so sensual about this movement of a glass of yellow liquid slipping into a naked body, both erotic and raw, almost transparent. The mattress was naked, too; something that I am always interested in.

Photograph nudes in China is a entirely different experience as in the US. People are extra cautious and nervous. It took me longer time to convince someone, especially a stranger to pose for me, full frontal is an extra work. In the Chinese Sentiment, I experiment the juxtaposition of these intimate bedroom portraits with the moody landscape and still life, intent to create a contrast between the public views and the private situation that perhaps only Chinese people can fully understand.