Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Changing Landscape.

June 2008. © Shen Wei

January 2009. © Shen Wei

I grew up by the infamous Suzhou Creek of Shanghai. The creek was very stinky then, with hundreds of boats going through everyday. One summer I discovered this huge slump by the creek, it was an amazing maze. I liked to ride my bicycle in and get lost, when I want to come out, I just follow the smell of the creek. Gradually, I was addicted to that smell. One day I rode my bicycle there, the slump was flattened, completely. Then, the boats were slowly disappearing. Then the smell is gone.


Anonymous said...

Why most of your pictures in China are so hazy? Is that because of the pollution or that is your style?

Shen Wei said...

It's just me. I like hazy.

Kaye said...

Cool! Suzhou Creek of Shanghai looks better nowadays. Everyone who lives there should be happy for it was a good news.

hkki said...

nice view