Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot glass of Water...

Pomegranate, Shanghai. 2009 © Shen Wei

An old friend told me - when I was a teenage, I used to microwave water to very hot, then left the whole glass of hot water outside of the window to cool it down, for protection, I covered the glass with a stack of white paper.

I was shocked when I heard that, because it sounds so silly but I can totally imagine myself doing it. I wonder if I have ever left the glass of water outside forever. I have selective memory as I am told, depending on how exciting my life is after I put that hot water out. I don't even like drink hot water.

Life is strange.

Coincidentally, I actually took a photograph of the outside of my window last time I was in Shanghai, no aged hot water, just this sad lonely pomegranate tree. Hum... did I...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Solo Exhibition @ Randall Scott Gallery

Flowers in the Backseat, 2007. © Shen Wei

I am pleased to announce my upcoming solo exhibition of Almost Naked at Randall Scott Gallery. Randall Scott Gallery is now moved from Washington D.C. to New York's Brooklyn DUMBO area. This is the inaugural exhibition in this new location.

Exhibition Info.:

Shen Wei
Almost Naked

April 2nd-May 2nd
opening reception for the artist
April 2nd 6pm-8pm

Randall Scott Gallery
111 Front Street #204
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(Located on the corner of Front and Washington Streets in-between the bridges)

11am-6pm Wed-Sat

Monday, March 16, 2009

Document the Youth

© Li Yuning

Chinese photographer Li Yuning was one of the participators of my workshop in Shanghai a few month ago. Li is a Captain in the military, a generous, mature and interesting guy. In my workshop, he presented his documentary project of the youthful life of Chinese soldiers. I was immediately drawn into his work, they are beautiful, intimate, emotional, nature and sweet. And this is also one of the subject matters which is very rarely being explored in the Chinese photography.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Almost Naked Limited Edition Book Released!

All Images © Shen Wei

I am pleased to announce the release of my first Limited Edition book Almost Naked Shen Wei, a collectible portfolio-style book.

Only 218 editions are available.

Almost Naked is my first major project that has received numerous recognition and awards. This portfolio book contains 25 images from the series, along with an embossed title page, an artist's statement, a Certificate of Authenticity and an index page. Each book is signed, numbered and dated.

Please see more details about this book.

Chinese Sentiment Updated

Editing Chinese Sentiment on my kitchen counter.

Editing is always like an adventure for me. It is both very exciting and frustrating. I made a new edit of my Chinese Sentiment project for my website just a few hour ago. It was started at around 200 images chosen from my last 4 trips to China. My goal is to edit down to 50, well, it was a long and tough journey, many heart wrenching decisions. To keep myself cool, I always do my editing meditation on my kitchen counter, completed with Buddha, green tea and spice drops. A little Zen always helps.

Please check on my website, many new images are added, advices are more than welcome!