Friday, May 22, 2009

Beautiful and sweet.

Today I saw this subway ticket vendor machine in the Spring Street station on the E line. He stood there alone, seemed very patient and emotionless, his lips is plump and red. I have never looked at these machines ever. Why should I? I must unconsciously decided they are too ugly to deserve a look. I assume his friends who used to stand right by his side are retired or getting a face lift. Now that he is more visible on his own. He looks actually quite cute! With patches of color and everything, a little nerdy, a little tacky, but sweet.

My parents was visiting me in New York last month. They spent that whole time stuffing my refrigerator with all sorts of delish. My usually empty freezer now is fulfilled with homemade dumplings and stuffed tofuwraps. I especially love the handwriting on the aluminum foil by my mother, it is quite elegant and old-fashioned (writing from up to down is very ancient to me). The writing reads like a poem, even though they're just the instruction of how to cook what's inside. The dumplings are the work of art themselves, they make that orange package of whatever looks so guiltyly unattractive.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

NYPH2009, books and big hair.

There are way too much events going on during this week's New York Photo Festival. I went to last night's powerHouse Arena opening and the crowd was huge. I met old and new friends, drank exotic cocktail and grabbed some freebies. It was all kinda fun and interesting!

My Almost Naked limited edition book is also nominated for the New York Photo Awards among a list of great nominees, including a couple of my favorites - Michal Chelbin and Simon Roberts. Last year's winner is my jet set friend Amy Stein's Domesticated, published by Photo Lucida. Speaking of books, my very sexy photographer friend Juliana Beasley also has a limited Edition book Lapdancer, the book also comes with an original print. The hottest new book at this moment is got to be Richard Renaldi's Fall River Boys, published by Charles Lane Press, the book is truly a work of art.

Tonight, I went to an artist talk with Nan Goldin and Lisa Ross at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery. I have never seen Nan Goldin in person, I was extremely excited. I must have written every single paper on Nan Goldin when I was in the college, I just love her. She was intense (love her gaze), funny, calm, and has a big red curly hair. There is something about woman with big crazy curly hair that I love, they are special! I remember one afternoon I saw this woman with an amazingly huge messy curly hair walking in front me. I had to speed up a little bit to see her face. It was Tama Janowitz! Later I met her in a few dinner parties, one time she was sitting right next to me, of course I was way too shy to say anything.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chinese Garden and Chinese Banquet.

Today I spent some time finally look through the photos that have left in my digital camera for a while. Last time I point-and-shoot was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago where I had found my new muse - The Chinese Garden Court. For someone who grew up in an area that's famous for its ancient Chinese garden, this garden should not be something I'd wowed about, but strangely I did. I had a strong feeling wanting to observe at the garden. The fact that I can not sit inside the pavilion gave me an urge to really look at it from outside. The garden in the MET was not so spectacular, it is small, elegant and almost too tidy, it kept reminding me that I was in a Chinese garden in a museum. There was very few people there, I sat down and meditate. It was strangely silent, no singing birds and frogs, very strange. When I walked out of the garden, passed though the Water Lily Garden of Monet, there was layers of people staring at it and wowing. And I thought: would that be nice if they put some lilies in the Chinese Garden.

Appearently, before my MET visit, I only used my camera way back when I was in China in January. I took a few photos when I was in this hotel attending a banquet. There I discovered another banquet across the street. The banquet room was so over the top, like a set out of the Moulin Rouge, it is hilarious. After a few minutes of giggling, I quickly found myself sitting among a row of cream colored plaster Roman columns.