Saturday, July 11, 2009

June in China.

Black Swan, Xi'an, Shanxi Province. 2009 © Shen Wei

June is a moody month. It has already gotten very hot and humid in Shanghai. When I was younger, I remember it rains a lot from mid-May throughout the month of June. I was looking forward to shoot the city wet. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. One day, I decided to go to The Bund, and half way to the subway, I turned myself into an air-conditioned coffee shop and spent the rest afternoon watch the city steaming.

Friends ask me how I choose which city to photograph for my Chinese Sentiment project. Honestly, I don't really choose, I just randomly go. For me, the different location is not what this project is about, I want to show China in a most authentic way, strip away from its political and economic phenomenons, a simpler view of China, an idea that I can relate to my childhood memory. I go cities that I personally desire to, explore them with my instinct and be inspired by the different culture and people. When I look at my images, I don't see where I was, I feel the emotion that I had for the subject I photograph.

I consider it was very lucky of me that every city I went had rained. I particular like the city in the rain, for the freshness and the magical light. As much as I love Shanghai, you just can't feel that kinda freshness in Shanghai, for a few moments maybe, definitely not to compare a city like Guilin. It was also raining when I was photographing a young boxer in Hangzhou. The young man was surprisingly relaxed, half naked and innocent. I later let him keep my umbrella and then ran in a vicious storm as I waved down the taxi in the Shanghai Rail station. The rain always tastes a bit tart in Shanghai. I shared a cab with this young women. She was upset because she has just been dumped at the gay pride.


erin said...

shen ... i am so happy to see a new post. i look forward to them! your images are magical, and your approach to your art is inspiring. i smile ALWAYS when i read your posts. :)

Shen Wei said...

Thanks, Erin. I will try to write more often :-)

Keith said...


I love the black swan photo! I hope you are having a great trip; hopefully we'll see each other before too long! Keith

Natasha said...

The rainy days are my favorite too, for photography or anything else (except maybe swimming...) Good to have you back Shen, we missed you!