Sunday, April 19, 2009

The People across the Street.

I have a mixed feeling about the views of my apartments.  Since I moved to New York, I have always ended up in an apartment with a slightly interesting view.  My first apartment in New York was a new skyscraper one block from Time Square.  I can see New Jersey from my apartment, beautiful sunset, along with a couple of hooker's corners and the sex shops on 8th Ave.  Then I "upgraded" to the Upper East Side, everyday I saw nothing but a row of empty balconies at the back of those fancy prewar townhouses.  Occasionally, there was this nanny sat in the gray colored backyard, file her nails while the babies were taking a nap.      

Now I live in downtown Manhattan.  I mean down-downtown, Financial District that is.  This is rather a unique area.  During the daytime, this place is flooded with yuppies, tourists (normally attached with at least one Century 21 shopping bag), news anchors, protesters, deliver trucks, college students, etc.  It is completely crazy.  But at night time, it becomes very peaceful, not quite a ghost town, but a small town with giant buildings.  Once I walked my dog along Wall Street in the evening, right at that corner of Nassau and Wall, you can see the building of Stock Exchange, the Creek Roman styled Federal Hall National Memorial with the Statue of George Washington, a silhouette of a Church nearly, and a policeman on the horse.  I thought, this must be how New York in 1932 looks like, it was stunning, romantic and mysterious.  

The next morning, I looked outside of my window, what is a massive office building with endless windows, everyone is doing their things.  There is this woman getting interviewed while a man working on his charts next door.  I see them everyday, indeed.  I think they know me every well.  They have seen me naked walking out of my shower, they waved at my dog sometimes, possibly admire my tastefully arranged apartment when no one is here.  

But I know nothing about them (except where they work).    

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ponoono said...

who says it is tastefully arranged?

hehehe no insult.. it sounds like u are marketing it for a sublease!