Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Room with a View.

Room with a View, Chongqing. 2009 © Shen Wei

Chongqing is one of my favorite cities in China. Her stunning beauty, perfectly defused lighting, and the slightly muted human mood make Chongqing the most photogenic city I've ever been in China.

In my last trip to Chongqing, me and my friends stayed at a hotel by the magnificent Yangtze River. Expect, when everyone got a room with a river view, I have a room with no window. First of all, I was mad, until I see my room. Well, I have a view, too, sort of. In my windowless room, shaped like a crashing triangle, at one corner near the bed, a green piece of glass separates a small area from the rest of the room. Inside this little space, there is a fake palm tree planted in the rocks, a tiny tropical island makes up for people who willing to stay in the stuffy room. I especially found of this little paradise, when I lay on my bed, I can't help to turn my head every 30 seconds. It gets better at night, it is spooky! To perfect my exotic room, a "Coconut Breeze" air freshener was dedicated on my nightstand the next morning. Aloha!


Karina said...

This is very 'China' :-)

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