Friday, December 05, 2008

Lianzhou Photo Festival

Dai Xiang © From Once a Hero, Forever a Hero at Lianzhou Photo Festival

The 2008 Lianzhou International Photo Festival will be open in Lianzhou, Guangdong Province tomorrow (today in China). The Lianzhou Photo Festival is one of the two most important photo festivals in China, the another one is Pingyao Photo Festival. While Pingyao is widely popular among photographers in all level, Lianzhou holds a higher standard and more critical acclaimed.

Keeping the Chinese photo festival tradition, the photographs will be displayed in factory/warehouse converted gallery spaces in small village setting; for example, my work was exhibited in Cotton Factory and Diesel Engine Factory, this time in Lianzhou my project Almost Naked will have a solo exhibition at the Granary, unique indeed. I actually really love the gigantic industrial gallery setting in these festivals, it is interesting to look at the contrasty juxtapose of the large greasy machines and the perfectly leveled pictures, I even saw small art work were directly attached on the rusty metal machines. But the best part is after the sun goes down, hundreds of photographers parties all night long in the local coffee shops and bars where the endless rice wines, shrimp chips and handmade moon-cakes are served.


Tyson Williams said...

It sounds exciting, especially showcasing your work in the industrial settings. I know how you feel. Do you have a place in NYC where your work can be viewed? I should be there in Feb or March next year.

Jane Tam said...

Congrats Shen! I didnt realize there was a photography festival in Guanddong! I wish I could be there 'cause that is where my parents are from and the majority of the residents speak Cantonese. Maybe next year, I'll try out for the festival.

Shen Wei said...

Thanks, Jane. I have never been to Guangdong, but I heard many good things about, but I will not attend the festival, I will go to China during the Chinese New Year.