Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where is Pingyao?

Pingyao City Wall

The famous Red Lanterns

I have been asked quite a few times about Pingyao recently? That’s because the 2008 Pingyao International Photography Festival is next month and it is the largest photo festival in China. Last year, Robert Frank’s exhibition at the festival became an national news, even more dramatically, Frank had fainted for a short while in a local restaurant at the festival. It was steamy hot and he ordered hot and sour soup (YUM). This year’s festival will include exhibitions by ICP. Contact Image, National Geography, etc., as well as many Chinese and foreign galleries. My friend Amy Elkins will have a solo exhibition and Amy Stein will be in a group show in the festival, I expect to see more familia names from the US. My work from Chinese Sentiment will also be included in a group show titled “Gazing China.”, my Shanghai gallery Kunst.Licht will show my Almost Naked series in the festival as well.

So where is Pingyao? It is at the center of Shanxi province. The city is established in BC 782, and was rebuilt and expanded in 1370 during Ming Dynasty. The walled ancient city is especially known for its architecture, both the 12 miles long wall around the city and the local houses. One of my favorite movie, Zhang Yimou’s Raising the Red Lantern was filmed in Pingyao. As I was told, all photographs will be hang in the original ancient houses, this just sounds too cool to be true. Anyway, I will go to Pingyao in two weeks and I am full of curiosity.


Jane Tam said...

It's going to be amazing. Have lots of fun for those who can't be there!

Johanna Pettersson said...

Fabolous! So beautiful...