Friday, July 25, 2008

A recap of China Trip Two.

© Shen Wei

I am back from my second trip to China this year, the 3rd one is coming soon in September.  This is trip is a bit different than last one.  I actually had some mission to do.  I was invited to participate the 2008 Shanghai Photography Week and The International Photographic Exhibition.  The event was held in Song Jiang District of Shanghai, a slightly strange upscale district one hour out of downtown Shanghai.  Nearly 40 solo exhibitions was held in Song Jiang Art museum and The Thames Town - a fake English town made for what I don't know.  The week long event started with a very red and luxury opening ceremony follow with the endless tours and expensive round-table feast.  The invited American photographers including David Goldes, Nick Ut, Victor Schrager and so on.

I spent rest of the trip climbed The Yellow Mountain, revisited Hong Kong and a few small villages in Anhui Province.  The Yellow Mountain is very hard to climb, steep and slippery, not perticulaly hike-friendly.  It took 2 and a half hours to reach my hotel on the mountain, but all the sour legs were worth it when I see the view on the top of the mountain, it is absolutely breathtaking.  I stayed on the mountain for 3 days and only had explored less than 1/5 of the mountains, definitely needs to go back in the future.  

Hong Kong is still as exciting as always, although the new Disneyland was very boring, nothing special. 

The biggest steam room in the world that is Shanghai.   You can't leave the house for 5 minutes without feeling like just dipped into some sticky water.  But with all the excitements, glamorous and adventures, It looks like no one can't have enough of Shanghai Tang.

As I mentioned, I will go back to China in September for three exhibitions.  I will have my first solo exhibition of Almost Naked series in Shanghai, a solo exhibition and a group exhibition in Pingyao Photo Festival.  I will get back to you on these shows later.


Karina said...

A picture with great lines and wonderful clarity!
Interesting to read about your Chinese 'adventures' as well.

Shen Wei said...

At the old time, people call Shanghai "Heaven of Adventure", anywhere you go, it can be an adventure. My favorite adventure in Shanghai has to be taking subway during the rush hour, I finally realize what does "an ocean of people" mean.

Jane Tam said...

So envious of your trips abroad; so amazing. I will be showing images in a group exhibition at Pingyao as well but won't be able to make it, sadly. Please remember to write about that experience as well! Good luck w/ everything!