Monday, June 23, 2008

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Yellow Mountain

© The Yellow Mountain

I am packing again for my upcoming trip to China in a few days.  Besides my hometown Shanghai, I also plan to visit Hong Kong and the Yellow Mountain this time, possibly some little villages in between.  I am a little more confident about this trip, because I have learned a lot from my last trip to China.  I have been doing some leg press at the gym lately.  I heard climb the Yellow Mountain is not easy especially with a backpack full of heavy cameras.  I cannot wait to see the Yellow Mountain which is famously being very dangerous and cloudy.  Even though I have seen hundreds of photographs it already, but who cares, I just have to go experience it myself and shoot it in my own sentimental way. 

I will also attend the opening of the The 9th Shanghai International Photographic Ar Exhibition. My exhibition which contains about 30 images from Almost Naked will be included in the festival.  The festival will have more than 60 exhibitions of photographers from all over the world.  The event will be held in the Thames Town in Shanghai, which is a bazaar piece of art itself.  The opening ceremony is on July 2nd at Song Jiang Art Museum.

I will get back to you more about my trip and the exhibition later.  Meanwhile, I am once again frustrated about the decision on what cameras to bring, you know, Mamiya ... Pentax ... Mamiya ... Pentax ... Canon ...


Susana said...

wow - the yellow mountain is so alluring - i wish you the best on your climb - and your opening! you definitely don't want to pack to heavy - unless you can bring along an assistant to help you with the heavy lifting- good luck and looking forward to seeing your new images, Shen!

robert said...

wow, can't wait to see the results from yellow mountain. which pentax do you have ? i love the signature of pentax lenses, beautiful sketches..