Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shanghai Panic

Hello from Shanghai! 

It was so unexpected for me to get panic when I tried to across the People Square in downtown Shanghai. I was standing there alone, couldn’t even move, absolutely lost any sense of direction. For those who try to avoid Time Square sometimes, just imagine yourself standing among maybe 10 times more amount of moving people in one place. Shanghai has been changed so much in the past 10 to 15 years that I can barely keep up with all the streets and subway routs. Eight years ago when I first left the city, there was one subway line, but now there are 13 lines plus 3 work-in-progress. The hardware of the city is just fantastic. I really fall in love with the city again. I love how I am getting a little bit culture shock in my hometown, how often can you have that kind of feeling. I guess I need to come back more.

I have talked about how every photographer went to Shanghai are obsessed about the buildings, that’s because it is simply too fascinating to be missed. I could not keep my eyes away from the cityscape every time I drove on the high way. I don’t know how to describe it, I have never seen so many skyscrapers in one place, it has been rainy and fog, the view is absolutely dreamy.

I am writing this on the plane to Guiyang, a small city in southern China where the life-style is more close to average Chinese living. This is so far a very fascinating trip and I think it certainly will keep that way. I will get back to you soon.


robert said...

Shen Wei please post some travel pics of CHINA !!

Anonymous said...

hey this is such a beautiful photo ... i've found this blog through it... do you think it would be possible to get this in a larger format, I'd really appreciate it...

Anonymous said...

.... i promise not to sell it and give you all the original rights... i just wanted to print this for myself...

Edward H.C Graydon said...

I have been back from Shanghai for about ten days; and it was my first time there. after more then a month there; I can say that I love Shanghai; for what it is.I found every aspect of Shanghai;except the fact that they smoke in every resturant in the city to be really very fantastic.I will also say that compared to New York; NewYork is like a village.

I love Shanghai and new York

Edward H.C Graydon