Thursday, April 03, 2008

China !

©Liyu + Liubo

I am feeling home sick since I have not been back to China for a while, but I am going home in two weeks.  I am so extremely excited!  I spent a few weeks to plan out my trip in China, will stay half the time in hometown Shanghai, and then trying to squeeze 4 destinations into another tight 15 days.  So if you are in Beijing北京, Hangzhou杭州, Suzhou苏州, Guiyang贵阳 and of course Shanghai上海, and would like to meet or sit for a portrait, please email me.  

For the last few year, I had an interesting way to learn about the changing of China through photography.  Many western photographers had gone to China, document the booming land with a foreign perspective.  I can't help to notice that only very few Chinese photographers have chosen to point their lens to the landscapes of China, most of them are more interested in the people, life-style and politics.  This is also my first time back home as a photographer, I will give a lecture/workshop in universities and have small gatherings with other artists in China.  

Last night I read a shocking news of the rice shortage in China, no joke, that has never happened, even when we don't have enough pork, I still had rice.  I guess time has really changed.    

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Tom said...

I know you will really enjoy finally going back home after all these years of working hard in the U.S. Hope you can really have fun seeing your family and friends again and hope your schedule is not too crazy while you are there.... have fun...stay safe..