Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carlo Van de Roer on 20x200

© Carlo Van de Roer

But if you are reading this post by now and absolutely love this image (just like me), you are already too late, it was sold out on 20x200 in the blink of an eye. That's another reason I should check my email even more often. I was hugely disappointed that I missed this fabulous photo. I have been a fan of Carlo Van de Roer's work, I hope Jen Bekman will put out another image of Carlo soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shen (or is it Wei?)

I discovered your website a short while ago. I like your taste in photos and I like your take on some of the issues that photographers face. Keep it up. Good writing, too. I may be visiting more often. You may consider me a non-phorographer who appreciates your perspective.


Fanta said...

I believe the photo was taken in Sydney. There used to be a magical spot on Curl Curl beach where I used to hang out on Sundays...This Photograph is absolutely breathtaking!! I can smell it!