Saturday, March 08, 2008

Washington D.C.

© Shen Wei

Last night's WPA Annual Auction was truly a treat for me! There were about 500 guests came for the fund-raising dinner (I was honored to be invited to the Director's Choice table) and even more people came for the auction. There were many interesting work, the photography session were very popular and it's also the first closed bitting session. My piece "Joey" which is one of my oddest portraits, were happily went home with a photo collector. I am very inspired to see lots of support for non-for-profit art organizations like WPA.

Today I spent whole afternoon walking around the White House area then the Lincoln Memorial, I fall in love with D.C. every time I come here. It was a very windy day combines rainy dark clouds with occasional peeking sun, the city even looked more surreal to me.


Tom said...

It was very surreal in Washington....but fun to be there with you and be part of the time.

Fanta said...

There is so much drama in the first shot!