Monday, March 24, 2008

Last Day of Hawaii.

© Shen Wei

It is my last day in Hawaii. Strangely I don't feel really that sad, in fact I just can not wait to go back to New York City. I really miss the rush smell of the city. My photo assignment of Honolulu is going well. It is not very hard to take beautiful photographs in the place like Waikiki Beach, but then it is too dangerous to be dragged into to the beauty of the places and forgot the reality. While I was shooting yesterday, I thought about the labeling of editorial, fine art and stock photography, it seems becoming blurring these day, sometimes it's easy to see, sometimes it is just photography.


Amy_Elkins_Photography said...

ha... seems you are coming to terms with this blur.
no longer the need to distinguish which route you want to take... but take all of them! i say.. it's possible to do it all. and we should. photography is way too hard as it is to make a living. :)

Fanta said...

This shot is bound to put a smile on everyone´s face. How cheerful!The sense of freedom, the sound of happy people chattering and screaming in excitement.How lovely!

David said...

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