Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Chinese New Year!

Images: People stranded at the train stations, and the train is strand on a bridge.

It is Chinese New Year again! I almost let it pass my mind. I have not celebrate Chinese New Year for the last 7 years so I don't really remember how fantastic it used to be when I was living in Shanghai. Chinese New Year should be a festival of joy, it's very loud, tons of food (for some people) and a lot of red colored things.

But this has been a difficult holiday season for many Chinese. If you haven't heard, China now raised its
national alert level to Orange because of the national crisis of horrible weather situation. Shanghai has had the worst snow storm in last 50 years, everything is shut down. Severely bad weather is across the China, millions of people urge to go home are now becoming homeless. The army is coming out help the nation. And of course, photographers are all so wild, almost over night, pictures of this disaster are all over the newspaper, magazine, photo blogs and soon it should be arrived in galleries.

Well, what does that just remind me of ?

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Chad said...

Jesus, that is wild.
Happy New Year in any case, as well congrats on the magazine publicity and exhibitions, quite a way to start it off.