Sunday, December 02, 2007

Abut Models.

As a portrait photographer, I really love the process of model hunting. I constantly am seeking a great face, unique charisma and a memorable personality, I pay a lot of attention to people around me and try to convince some to be my model. Certainly, I think everyone is special in their own way. For most of time, I took portraits of whoever willing to sit in front of my camera, I can't afford to miss any opportunity to create a good portrait, because sometime even a "boring" person can give me that most brilliant heartfelt moment, so you just never know. It is also very exciting when I discover someone through the crowd and instinctively grow an urge to photograph him/her. But I always decide who is a greater model until I see the photographs.

Often, when I see some fantastic portraits by other young photographers, I am thinking “Wow, that’s a great portrait and she/he is a perfect subject for it.” So here I would like to show you five of my personal favorite portraitures with some great models in order to honor all of the fascinating individuals who contribute efforts to make great portraits happen. As always, suggestion is always very welcome!

©Molly Landreth

©Colin Pantall

©Suzanne Opton

©Amy Elkins



Emiliohm said...

Hi Shen, I do not know how I have arrived to your blog but it has been a lucky step to be able to see your work. Your portraits are a reference for me. Let me take you to my feed reader. Kind regards from Spain

Anonymous said...

Hello Shen wei

I prefer the third and forth photos. Sexy but not vulgar.

On the contry, the first and second photos seem to be done by photoshop. To be honest, not my preference.

By the way, I'm an old friend of you from Shanghai. But at present, I live and work in Brussels

Justin in Brussels

Shen Wei said...

Dear Mr. Justin in Brussels,

I am very sure none of these photos were done by Photoshop, because I know those work quite well.

Also, don't you want to let me know who you are, my old friend?


Anonymous said...

Dear Shen Wei
If you want to know and want me to explain who I'm, it would be a really long story.
We've had no contact for nearly 8 years. We've worked together by Anthony (an Australian)in Shanghai. We've got mutual interest in old Shanghai Songs. i've still got a CD of that kind of music that you've lent me 9 years ago. We've got mutual friends as Tom, Vincent (a shanghainess who's working and living in States now.

I've been away from Shanghai in 1999 without saying good bye to you. i suppose that you've been to States just several months later.

Are the descriptions enough to give you an idea who I'm. If not, don't hesitate to bother me again. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

Now I remember you. Please send me email.


d. chedwick bryant said...

the B/W shot is wonderfully lonely -- a real moment.

d. chedwick bryant said...

a pensive moment