Thursday, August 02, 2007

K. Min

K. Min. Aging, 11"x14". Pastel on Paper. 2007 (click the image to see detail)

I recently met K. Min, a Korean artist who does drawing and small sculpture, she is also a SVA alum. I was very much amused when she showed me her interesting work, they are humorous, intimate and original.

The subjects of Min’s pastel drawings mostly focus on food and snacks that everyone encounters in daily life. In her work, Min subtly depicts stages of decay as if a photographer who documents models through their careers or lives. Cake, sandwich and cookies, exposed on bare white background, are depicted half-eaten and forgotten in plastic containers or sandwich bags. These foods, waiting to be consumed, are shown to being mildewed and inedible.

K. Min will have her solo exhibition In the Middle of Nowhere at Gallery 456 SoHo from August 2 to August 30, 2007 with an opening reception on this Friday, August 3, 2007, 6-8pm. Gallery 456 is located at 456 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York City. Tel: 212.431.9740.


Rodrigo said...

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naocontemporary said...

I love her drawings too! Yes, she is very original and I look forward to seeing her recent work.

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