Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Portraits I like.

The artists of A New American Portrait exhibition at the Jen Bekman Gallery has been asked for picking out favorite portraits, read the blog here. I had such a hard time to choose one favorite portrait; I just have so many of them, each of them is for a different reason. Initially I was going to choose a more contemporary one, but eventually I decided to settle down with Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin, two very important figures for me as a photographer. But still I would like to share the rest of those legendary portrait photographers that I admire and had inspired me very much. Here are 10 of my favorite portraits by 10 photographers that always on my mind.
©Dieter Appelt
©William Eggleston
©Michael Disfarmer
©August Sander
©Joel-Peter Witkin
©Diane Arbus
©Sally Mann
©Nobuyoshi Araki
©Nan Goldin
©Peter Hujar


Alex said...

i do not know if you are aware of this but the photo u have atributed to Micheal Disfarmer is actually by a much early photographer from 1926 Anton Sander. You have a proper link to an exhibtion of micheal disfarmer the image is perhaps confusing to some.

I just happened to come across this... i am a preparator at the Arkansas Arts Center where we hold 3000 of the original Disfarmer glass plates.

Anyway.. thought I might give you a heads up on it.

-alex moomey


Alex said...

well crap.. i see what's happened now ... your link to the Disfarmer image is just gone.. and the Sander image is labeled under itself. oops i got confused by the missing pic..

discard the above comment. -alex

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