Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Goddess

I am off to San Diego for a week for some portrait opportunity (and get away from this awful weather in New York). So here I post one of the most beautiful films from China The Goddess for your entertainment.

The Goddess (Chinese: 神女, Shennü), was a Chinese silent film released in 1934 by the United Photoplay Service. It starred the legendary Ruan Lingyu in one of her final roles, and was directed Wu Yonggang.

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robert said...


i just saw a recent movie from China named; "The
World." Brilliant ; anyway i appreciate your style of
fotographie. Furthermore; i appreciate your glimpses and thought's into the vast world of visual communivations. Please visit my blog @ !! All comment's
are encouraged >good;bad;or indifferent>their are
two of us on this blog. My friend Robert Angell resides in L.A. & in my opinion is on par with Alec Soth. He uses a 4x5 camera with complete accuracy.
To realize the full potential of the fotos you must
click on them to reveal their truth's. By the way i reside in San Diego for the moment with family. If you have a moment call me @ 503-956-0690 this is a Portland #. Perhaps; coffe or tea or a dinner at
my mom's house//open invitation..//Yeah; so enjoy your time in San Diego. We have great coastal beaches; Coronado; La Jolla; etc..
truly; robert