Thursday, March 29, 2007

On "Unconscious Model"

Inspired by Alec Soth’s recent blog entry "Unconscious Model" which has discussed David LaChapelle, D&G "rape" ad and etc. I have come up some random thoughts.

Often I got really annoyed by the pretentious reason that photographers put up to their work (sometimes great work). Usually I am not interested in what photographers have to describe their work, especially the inventive tricks of picture-making, that ruins my curiosity to the photographs.

I can only deeply touched by the pure photographs, I mean when a photograph just looks and functions as a photograph, needless of a list of reason to prove the profoundity of it. The subjects of the photographs that move me are the ones purely about life, and then life is about everything. So when the photographs pinpoint very specific idea, they seem weakly incomplete.

Here is a photograph of a very conscious Britney Spears©David LaChapple (left), and a less conscious Britney by an unknown paparazzi (right).

Here is a photograph of a very conscious Kate Moss©David LaChapple, and a less conscious Kate by an unknown paparazzi.

With All Due Respect to the thoughtful LaChapple quote. I don’t think there is such thing as “unconscious model”, especially the models on the set, how can an invited model be unconscious of the camera? Unless they are dead, that being said, I mean the kind of dead people in Weegee’s photo, not necessary those in witkins’ work. Speaking of Wikins’ work, it strangely reminds me the D&G rape photo, but I am not going to think too much about it, because three months later, most people won’t even remember it.


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