Monday, March 26, 2007

Bigger can be better as long as one knows how to handle it.

All the sudden people start to talk about size again, quite a few discussion starts with the new Gursky photographs. I have always loved large photographs as long as the content satisfies the size and/or the size holds up the content. Ironically, most of us print on standard-sized paper that corporations had decided for us. While I was watching the film Mongolia Ping Pong at home the other day, I imagined how breathtaking it would look like in a big movie theatre, although my 38” TV is slightly too big for porn.

Large print has its place in photography. In my opinion, Gursky’s extremely detail oriented prints of large-scale scenery look the best in his huge prints. When they are small, they lose the spectacular. We all see whole a lot over-blown prints in the last few years, some are simply the fashion victims, and some are “conceptually” pixelated. Photographs look and feel different in every size, just like jeans, there is one perfect size for every person. And the person in the jeans is like the content/concept of the photograph. Some people looks awful even in the most expensive Versace gown.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about size and the size constraint I most often find disagreeable is the computer monitor: small size, not very high resolution. Thus, there's always very nice to see real photographs in exhibitions or in books.



Streetpulse said...

But how can I watch Gursky alone in my bed? I never watch porn , I have no tv at home but how can I do with Gurzky if I want to see photographs at home? I cannot buy a print, I open one book, because iI am lucky to have one...and honnestly size depend also of that. Of the place you put your photographs. I like to put Gurzky on my knees.

Size also to my mind, make also the price, ask to Nan Goldin how she was printing before she was exhibited in Arles long time ago.. and about the discussion she had with Francois Hebel about size and price...She change size and price explosed. But it's funny to see that we have the same questions about size..I agree it's depend of the content also, when you have a content I think there is no discussion. The problem is people who make big size with empty things..make always empty.."big empty"
This screen vision I had from your work...give me the wishes to see prints one day.
I really like you work dear Shen! Really