Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can Photographers Be Plagiarists?

This photograph was taken by neither Zielskes nor Bialobrzeski. It is one of the official photographs of Nanpu Bridge of Shanghai. Thousands of postcards have been made from this and tourists from all over the world have taken that same picture. Apparently, Zie and Bia were fighting over the originality of their touristy versions of the bridge. Bottom line, when you decide to take a photograph of a famous architecture (including any of these famous bridges) from a well-known viewing point, remember you'll never be the last one standing there.

Here is a photograph of the same bridge by Michael Prince, I recently discovered this from the February 2007 issue of PDN magazine World in Focus Contest 2007.


Chad said...
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Michael said...

I think mine is the best!
But then, I might be biased....